Buy a property

To buy a property in Germany, we work hand to hand to close the deal following these procedures:


Choosing the property

Choosing the property from one of the social media platforms of Majed Al-Turkait Group through:
– Instagram: @Germany_Real_Estate
– Snapchat: Germany_Restate
– YouTube: Majed Group Real Estate

Contact us

The (client) communicates with us on our phones. (0096566921111
– e-mail:
– WhatsApp: 0096566921111

Meeting with the client

A meeting with the client is arranged in our office in Kuwait or in our office in Germany to inspect the property or suitable properties according to the clients’ needs.

Sale contract

After agreeing to the appropriate option, the (initial sale contract) is signed with us, and the (client) authorizes our office in Germany to complete the procedures for purchasing the property and transferring its ownership under his/her name.

Procedures of the purchase

The (Germany office) undertakes the procedures of the purchase and the transfer of ownership in the name of (the client) in coordination with all governmental and private agencies (such as the notary, the real estate court, and others…).


The (Notary) sends the final sale contract signed by the property owner and our office (on behalf of the client) to the buyer to sign and authenticate the contract in front of the German embassy in his/her country.

(It is recommended that the contract is translated into Arabic and reviewed by the buyer.)


Transfer the ownership

After that, (our office), in coordination with the notary and the concerned authorities, shall transfer the ownership of the property and issue the ownership document in the name of the customer (the buyer).

Completing the procedures

After completing the procedures, the (Germany office) takes over the property from the (seller) and makes an inventory report with the contents of the property, transferring electricity and water, and the necessary procedures.

Delivered the buyer

A (complete file) is delivered to the buyer after completing all the procedures containing all the information and documents of the property and the keys through (the Kuwait office).